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Our Step Ahead roadshow is heading ‘Into The West’!


Our Step Ahead roadshow is heading ‘Into The West’!

Don’t miss our Step Ahead roadshow heading ‘Into The West’ this September! That’s right – we’re off to spread the word about our new vocational assessment services for young brain injury survivors in Sligo, Donegal, Mayo and Galway.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland's Step Ahead team launch vocational assessment services nationally with two centres in Cork and Dublin. Pictured here are Senior Occupational Therapists Sinead Stack and Emer Duffy joined by vocational facilitators Lisa Lyons and Valerie Burke.

Our Step Ahead Team

What is Step Ahead?

Step Ahead is Acquired Brain Injury Ireland’s new service delivering vocational assessments to support young people aged 18-29 years, who wish to return to work or education after brain injury. Earlier this year we launched Step Ahead thanks to funding from the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020. Step Ahead is a national service led by Senior Occupational Therapists in two centres based in Cork and Dublin.

How can I find out more?

This September you can join us for our September roadshow to learn more about Step Ahead in the following locations:

Who can attend the roadshow?

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, we rebuild lives through brain-injury rehabilitation. With our new Step Ahead service, we want to help more young people with brain injuries get the support they need to go back to work or college. That’s why we’re inviting you to come and visit our roadshow this September. Join us if you are:

  • a brain injury survivor aged 18-29 years
  • a family member of a brain injury survivor as above
  • a health or social care professional
  • an employer interested in supporting people after brain injury

What will I learn?

  • How our Step Ahead vocational assessment is a vital starting point to support your return to work or education
  • For healthcare professionals, learn more about the service and how to make referrals

Will I have to travel a lot?

Brain injury survivors from the West of Ireland can attend our Step Ahead centres in Dublin or Cork for an expert vocational assessment. After the assessment, each participant will receive a detailed report to guide them on next steps. As part of our Step Ahead service we also provide  the option of follow-up support via telephone and Skype.

Some interesting facts

  • 19,000 brain injuries happen annually in Ireland from causes such as stroke, road traffic accidents, falls, assault and brain tumours
  • 40% of people with traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries are able to return to work after 1 or 2 years after their injury
  • Many brain injury survivors attempt to return to work too soon without having the necessary supports

A word from our experts

Our Senior Occupational Therapist Emer Duffy said: “After a brain injury, an individual’s brain is often working harder than someone who hasn’t gone through such a trauma and so that can cause fatigue, memory problems, frustration and stress. That’s why our new Step Ahead service, with centres in Dublin and Cork, is so vital to help assess where people are at and help them with practical strategies so they can manage their fatigue and cope with stresses that might occur when returning to work or education. We also engage with employers to help with their understanding of brain injury so they know how to better support someone. For many people after brain injury, reasonable accommodations from employers can make all the difference such as allowing someone to return part-time and/or building back up to a five-day week.”

For more information on STEP AHEAD contact Emer Duffy on 086-6037353 or visit

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