When a brain injury happens to an individual, it can change the family dynamics overnight. For instance, someone who was once the main breadwinner in the family, may no longer be able to work after their brain injury. So this can mean the roles and responsibilities within the family have to change. This is not always easy and it can be a source of stress and tension. Everyone, adults and children, have to adjust because the person living with a brain injury may not be able to do things they used to do easily. This can be frustrating not only for the brain injury survivor whose life has been turned upside down. But it affects the whole family. But it doesn’t all have to be negative.

Some people who can’t return to work after a brain injury enjoy the opportunity to spend more time at home with their children. Brain injury can bring major change to any family’s life and at Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, we know how important it is to give family support. Our psychologists consider the whole family when they look at the rehabilitation process for an individual.