If you are living with a brain injury, you are not alone. Every year in Ireland 19,000 people acquire a brain injury from stroke, falls, road traffic accidents, concussion, tumours, viral infections and many other causes. Brain injury can happen as easily as slipping on ice, or putting out the wheelie bin and banging your head.

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland we want to support you to get the information and services you need to rebuild your life. We are here to help you understand your brain injury and provide neuro-rehabilitation, so that you can achieve your goals and regain your independence.

We also understand that no two brain injuries are the same. For that reason, every rehabilitation journey is unique. We work with survivors of brain injury to develop an ‘Individual Rehabilitation Plan’. The plan enables you to make decisions that affect all aspects of your life, identify and reach personal goals in an environment that is right for you.

Services for people living with brain injury

Why choose Acquired Brain Injury Ireland?

Empowering you

It’s important to understand from the beginning that our neuro-rehabilitation services are here to guide and support you – but we’re not here to do things for you. We are here to empower you with skills and strategies so you can make choices for living your life. We are here to help you do it as independently as possible.

Personalised for you

When you join our services, we will work with you to develop your very own Individual Rehabilitation Plan with your own personalised goals. To develop your plan, we look at the whole person – we take account of your ability, your environment, your life before the brain injury and we look at your support needs now. Every plan has clinical oversight with expertise from neuro-psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists. You also benefit from on the ground support from our case managers, local service managers, keyworkers and rehabilitation assistants.


Our people make us unique – they bring the magic. Our relationship with you is about partnership and collaboration to help you reach your goals. Neuro-rehabilitation takes time and it requires the ability to see things differently and think outside the box. That’s why we hire people who are problem-solvers. They will help you make the impossible, possible again.

A voice for you

Brain injury remains a somewhat hidden condition in our society. Every day our rehabilitation teams go the extra mile to relentlessly advocate on your behalf and on behalf of all our persons-served, to raise a voice for brain injury survivors and their families to fight for access to vital services.

A home from home

Whether you join us for assisted living rehabilitation or become a member in one of our clubhouses, while you are with us, you can think of us as a home from home. We will provide you with a safe and friendly place where you are understood, accepted, respected and where you don’t have to explain your brain injury.

I’m not sure where to turn or what I need

When brain injury happens, individuals and families often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn. The role of our Case Managers is to support you in those times of distress. Case Managers are brain injury experts who act as a single contact point. They will listen to your needs and those of your family, and they will try to help identify resources to support your individual situation.

Contact your local Acquired Brain Injury Ireland service so that we can help and advise you on the best approach.

Connect My Brain: Online Peer Support


Connect My Brain is an online support group for people living with a brain injury in Ireland. The group, hosted on Facebook, aims to create a space where brain injury survivors can get the support they need, provide support to others, and benefit from shared experience.

To join, simply click the button below and answer the required membership questions on Facebook.

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