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On With Life; Supports for Parents/Carers of Children with an Acquired Brain Injury

As excitement is brimming about the Toy Show, we are delighted to announce a new On With Life project that provides Supports for Parents and/or Carers of Children with an Acquired Brain Injury

"Dad, you can still be alive even when your legs are not working".

When Noel had a stroke in his forties, his little boy reminded him that he had something to fight for.

Please support families facing life with brain injury.

Rebuilding lives after brain injury. Empowering people to live to their full potential. That’s what we do.

Our Services

For survivors of brain injury

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland we want to support you to get the information and services you need to rebuild your life.

For families and carers

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has established a network of support groups throughout Ireland, accessible to all those caring for a loved one with brain injury.

For healthcare professionals

The CBIS Programme is specifically intended for frontline staff and professionals who need a strong foundation for working with individuals with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Our vision is for a society where brain injury is understood and all those impacted receive world-class, personalised rehabilitation and support, as and when they need it.

Our Impact

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