Karen was in her thirties, a mum to her two daughters and partner to Alan.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, and she was on her way to the vet.

It was on this short journey that Karen’s car collided with a truck. Karen was rushed to the hospital.

Here, Karen’s family including her two daughters had to face the possibility of a future without her in it.

Karen had been in a coma for ten days and when she finally woke, she couldn’t speak. She couldn’t remember words and she didn’t know what had happened. And she couldn’t cry.

A cathartic cry was always Karen’s coping mechanism for life’s challenges and struggles. And when she faced her biggest challenge of all, her coping mechanism had been ripped away.

Karen looked the same following her brain injury. But inside she felt like a completely different person. She was a different person. She couldn’t release emotion and she became angry and in her own words “was hell to live with.”

Life changed for Karen when she walked through the doors of Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

Her Rehabilitation Assistant Harris helped her to navigate daily living tasks, he introduced her to other brain injury survivors in her community and he ensured that she availed of life-changing support from our psychologist Sinéad.

At her sessions with Sinéad, Karen was equipped with tools to help her communicate more effectively with her family and bring peace back into their lives.

Karen has rebuilt her life because she had access to help that she desperately needed.

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