4 April 2023

Marguerite’s Story

Marguerite was wife to DJ, mother of three children and Principal of the local primary school in Mungret, County Limerick.

It was on the sidelines of her daughter’s camogie match, that she suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Upon arrival at the nearest hospital, Marguerite was pronounced brain dead and put onto a ventilator.

Her family was told that it was unlikely she would make it through the night and, if they needed to say anything to mam, this was the time to do it.


Thankfully and unexpectedly, there was a positive turn in Marguerite’s story. A nurse happened to be in the room observing her when she noticed a movement that signalled that there was brain activity.

Marguerite was in a coma for several weeks before she woke up. She spent a year in hospitals recovering.

She had to relearn how to walk as well how to manage all her bodily functions and how to cope with the cognitive deficits her brain injury had caused.

Marguerite was now visually impaired too. The bleed on her brain was so extensive that it affected her optic nerve. She now has no peripheral vision and can only see straight on.

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“Acquired Brain Injury Ireland was a safe place.”

When she was first discharged from hospital, she no longer knew how to run her home and our brain injury Rehabilitation Assistant, Sarah was there to support and guide her.

And to help Marguerite cope with this new life and all that had happened to her, she was also connected with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland psychologist, Sinéad. For Marguerite, she finally felt like the voice inside her head could speak out. The things she couldn’t say to anyone else about how she was feeling could be spoken about freely and without judgement.

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