29 April 2024

Become a Woof Walker And Wag Your Way Into May!

You and your dog can do something great together this May. You can help brain injury survivors living in Ireland.

We are asking you to challenge yourself by walking your dog every day in May to support brain injury survivors. This is a great way for you and your beloved pet to stay fit, and it’s also an opportunity for you to make a difference.

Every year in Ireland, an estimated 19,000 people acquire a brain injury, resulting in life-altering, dramatic change. These injuries happen suddenly and are often traumatic, caused by road traffic accidents, stroke, assaults, concussion and viral infections like meningitis. By taking part in Woof Walkers, you and your dog can help ABI Ireland to rebuild lives after brain injury. Interim Head of Fundraising, Marissa Tuccelli is encouraging everyone to get behind the cause:



This is a great event to support brain injury survivors and spread awareness for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland. Get the entire family involved and stay fit with some outdoor exercise. If you are going for walk, why not walk with a purpose?

Woof walkers bandana 1

Register now to take on the challenge. Make every day in May a dog day! If you miss the deadline of May 1st then just sign up any time in May and commit to 31 days of walking with your pooch.

This event will not only be good for your physical and mental health but will benefit brain injury survivors as you raise funds for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland. You’ll be howling if you miss this chance!

How far or how long you walk isn’t important. The challenge is do it every day for the month.

Sign up now and get your special fundraising pack, which includes a FREE doggy bandana for your dog, a tracker for ticking off each walk and a sponsorship card!

Supporters can join the Facebook group to engage and share with other Woof Walkers: facebook.com/groups/woofwalkers2024. Be sure to share photos and videos of your Woof Walks on social media using the hashtag #woofwalkers2024.

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