We are committed to promoting brain injury research in Ireland and building connections with the brain injury research community.  We host a series of research events in order to provide a platform for ABI researchers in Ireland to share and disseminate their work as well as build collaborative opportunities to engage in research.

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, research is at the core of what we do and one of our strategic priorities:

  • We rely on research as an evidence base to advocate and influence policy in relation to brain injury and neuro-rehabilitation services.
  • We need research to ensure we deliver a world-class and effective rehabilitation service.
  • We promote a strong culture of research across the organisation with staff, clients and families engaging and supporting a wide variety of research projects.
  • We need research to create awareness of acquired brain injury as a serious healthcare issue.
  • We are keen to support early career researchers to build the evidence base and grow as experts in the field of brain injury.  
  • We need greater levels of collaboration to generate good research ideas and proposals in order to drive more investment in brain injury research in Ireland. 

Our Research Priorities 2020 – 2024


Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has committed to engaging and supporting brain injury research and building the brain injury research community in Ireland in its Strategic Plan 2019-2024. As part of our growth and development we have set out our research priorities for the next number of years. We want to play a much more active role in determining the research we support and setting the research agenda.

In setting out our research priorities, the following four priority themes have been agreed:

  • Theme 1: Effective rehabilitation;
  • Theme 2: Access to brain injury services and the rehabilitation pathway;
  • Theme 3: The impact of brain injury;
  • Theme 4: The facts and figures.

Brain Injury Research in Ireland: Promoting Innovation, creativity and growth

Research Statement and Ethics


Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is strategically committed to supporting research that generates an evidence base and advances knowledge and understanding to inform service developments, ensure best practice and engage in effective policy advocacy. We do this in a range of ways including funding external research, engaging in research internally, directly commissioning research to inform policy development and facilitating, where appropriate, the active participation of people using our services and their families in research projects.

Ethics and governance

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland we support and facilitate new research, but we also have a responsibility to ensure that the rights and interests of people with brain injury and their families are protected and upheld. Therefore, we have structures in place to support research processes including a Research Committee and an Ethics Committee. The former makes decisions in relation to the type of research projects our organisation will support, and the latter provides ethical approval to the researcher for the specific research project.

Research Partners


Partnerships are crucial to grow our top-class neuro-rehabilitation services for those who need it. We work together with specialists and experts in the field of brain injury to drive greater research investment in this area and to drive brain injury on the political agenda. There is very little research evidence available in Ireland on brain injury and we are delighted to be working with the following research partners to capture grow brain injury research in Ireland:

  • DCU
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Roads to Recovery
  • GBHI – Global Brain Health Institute

Research Events