9 December 2022

Linda’s Story

Linda was a young mother in her thirties when she was impacted by a stroke that changed her life forever.

Linda was a young mother in her thirties when her life changed.

She was suffering with double vision, dizziness and severe headaches. She mistakenly considered this to be her normal. But, this was far from anyone’s normal. This was the result of a stroke.


My daughter was only 7 and I struggled with her homework. I found it so difficult and it was so upsetting to not be able to help her.

Linda’s speech had suffered along with her ability to undertake daily living tasks. Particularly those relating to her role as Mum to her daughter, Christina.

Linda struggled with homework, school runs, parking. Ordinary tasks that many of us do day in and day out became a huge source of distress and worry for this mum.


I would mix up my words and people would laugh at me. I knew it could be funny, but it got too much for me and I stopped speaking in front of people.

 As time passed, Linda’s confidence was shattered. Some years later, Linda joined our Acquired Brain Injury Ireland family. A member of our team worked with Linda to develop strategies to support her at home. It started with tackling her children’s homework and from there, her confidence started to come back. Day by day. Task by task.


Coming to Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has helped me so much. I am not afraid to speak in front of people here and if I get it wrong, they don’t laugh at me. I can be myself.

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Linda now attends our Clubhouse service. For Linda and others with similar experiences, our Clubhouses become a lifeline.

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