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Step Ahead Plus is our free, national vocational assessment and rehabilitation service. It is for adults with an acquired brain injury who want to return to work, training or education.

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A Senior Occupational Therapist has a video call with you to discuss your main strengths and challenges. They may also carry out cognitive assessments or questionnaires with you.


An assessment takes place in-person in one of our centres, in Cork or Dublin. Our Occupational Therapists look at your work/education skills, knowledge, and experience. They also consider everything that’s happening in your life and how this affects you every day.

During an assessment, you will do practical tasks called work samples. These help identify your strengths and the challenges you may face returning to work or education.

At the end of the assessment, you will have a good idea of what you’re able to do and how you can use those skills in education, training or at work. The Step Ahead Plus team will help you develop a plan. This plan may include goals and strategies for managing your life every day and developing your skills.


Rehabilitation is available in groups or one-to-one. This is done over the phone or by video call.

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