Emma spent months in hospitals. For at least a year, she couldn’t put a sentence together or hold a conversation.

Before Emma’s brain injury, between pain flare-ups, she was in fourth year in secondary school. She loved to sing and was part of a glee club.

Her brain injury brought many additional layers of complexity to Emma’s life. She struggles emotionally, her personality has changed, she can only be awake for a number of hours at a time due to fatigue and she suffers with epilepsy.

At eighteen, Emma joined the Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Family. Emma had dedicated one-to-one support from Rehabilitation Assistant, Ciara and participated in various rehabilitation groups.

Ciara was there to support Emma as she transitioned from finishing school to working towards her future. What mattered to Emma was what mattered to Ciara.

A determined Emma completed a Childcare course including a 150-hour work placement, despite her extreme fatigue. And she was offered a permanent role.

Emma credits support from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland with her return to college. And Acquired Brain Injury Ireland credits the support from people like you.

Your support ensures that the Acquired Brain Injury Ireland team is here to support young Brain Injury Survivors like Emma to rebuild their lives.