26 July 2023

Marty’s Story

Father’s Day forever changed Marty’s life, it went from celebration to a life-altering event.

That morning, his son, Kieran found him unconscious. Marty had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

The family immediately called an ambulance, but to their dismay, Marty’s condition worsened before it arrived.

Instead of celebrating, they found themselves grappling with the unknown, unsure if Marty would ever be the same again.


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His brain injury had led to limited mobility on the right side of Marty’s body and severe difficulty with speech and coordination. His ability to move his hands and legs as he desired was compromised.

After returning home with his family, Marty knew he needed more help. In May 2022, following a challenging period of eight months in hospitals, Marty sought the support and care of Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.


I just wanted to get better.

Marty now had to relearn basic skills that were once effortless, such as forming words and expressing his thoughts. Marty and Vivian, a Community Rehabilitation Assistant at Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, embarked on his transformative journey together. With Vivian’s expertise and compassionate guidance, Marty began his remarkable path towards reclaiming his independence and rebuilding his life.

With the support and guidance of his family and Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, he began to make remarkable progress. In October 2022, Marty successfully completed his driving test and obtained his driver’s license again.

Marty embraced exercises and games that retrained his brain, memorising words and constructing sentences.

The patience, empathy, and expertise of Acquired Brain Injury Ireland’s Rehabilitation Assistants, particularly Vivian and Marie, played a pivotal role in his transformation.

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I am a lot stronger than I was and Acquired Brain Injury Ireland made me feel welcome and very at home. They always take the time to listen to me, and they ask me, ‘What do I want to do next? What do I want to accomplish?’

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland’s Clubhouse has become a sanctuary for Marty and many others who have experienced similar challenges.

Our Clubhouses are a place of belonging, where brain injury survivors can meet and continue their rehabilitation together. It is a supportive environment that encourages members to explore new hobbies, make friends, and engage in various activities like art, yoga, history, and woodworking.

Marty’s unwavering support from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has yielded extraordinary results. He has regained a level of independence he once thought impossible. His determination and resilience shines through.


Today, my son, Kieran, is 16 and my daughter, Siobhan, is completing her leaving cert. They are very proud of me. It is great to have my family back together again.

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