9 December 2022

Oísin’s Story

Oisín was living the life of any 21 year old when his world was ripped out from beneath him. A scan revealed a bleed in his brain.

Oisín from County Meath was living the life you would expect of a 21 year old.

He was studying in DCU, working part-time, pursuing his passions and spending time with his friends. The world was at his feet. Until one morning, his world was ripped out from under him when his parents observed something was wrong with their son and his dad rang for an ambulance immediately.


I brushed a lot under the carpet for two years. In the end, I had a complete breakdown.

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A scan revealed a bleed in his brain. He was closely monitored but there was no initial treatment available to him due to the volume of blood on his brain.

Oisin suffered both physically and mentally but having lost his ability to walk initially, his physical health was his priority.

Six months into his recovery, Oisín needed to undergo radiotherapy to remove the tangled vessels which had caused the bleed.

This procedure resulted in Oisín developing a limp while walking. He began to struggle cognitively and had to write everything down. He could no longer remember things like a conversation from the previous day.

Oisín had pushed aside the loss he had experienced because of his brain injury. Loss of relationships, career goals and pastimes. He had been suffering in silence.

Oisín could no longer keep up the façade of having moved on with his life. He took part in weekly therapy sessions with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland psychologist, Conall and finally for Oisín, “someone gets it” and he is finally living a happier life.

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