About On With Life

Welcome to our ‘On With Life’ Carers, Families and Friends support network. Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has established a network of support groups throughout Ireland, accessible to all those caring for a loved one with brain injury.

We understand

We know that caring for a loved one with brain injury can be difficult without any help or support. Many family members and friends are thrust into the role of carer without warning. In addition, many of you may also be looking out for the health and wellbeing of other family members. Or you may have a job outside the home. Juggling all of these challenges is not easy. We’re here to help you get ‘On With Life’.

The benefits to you

  • Our brain injury support network will give you an opportunity to share the reality of living with an acquired brain injury in the family, in a safe place.
  • We will provide you with information on steps to take to keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy.
  • We will share tips on how to meet family needs or juggling your job.

Remote support during the Coronavirus

  • The ‘On With Life’ network has started the process of reopening Face to Face support groups in some areas of the country.  We understand that not everyone will be comfortable with this, and therefore we are continuing the Online Support Group option. For more info click here
  • You can also find out about our network of regional online support groups – Download our brochure here.
  • Call Dolores Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm on 086 010 2361

Join Our Facebook Group

Join the On With Life Facebook Group to connect with other family members and carers of loved ones living with acquired brain injury.

Our expertise at your fingertips

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland believes in a person-centred approach. This means we pay attention, not only to the needs of brain injury survivors but also to the needs of family carers and friends. We have learned a lot about what helps a family carer carry on this valuable role and how carers need support too. We are here to share this information with you to help you understand more about brain injury and the new life you are currently living.

Who can attend?

On With Life is open to family members of brain injury survivors living with an acquired brain injury. You may already be linked into our services and now wish to avail of our new brain injury support groups. Or joining our On With Life support group network may be your first introduction to Acquired Brain Injury Ireland. You are all welcome.

How do I join?

Get in touch with our Brain Injury Support Network co-ordinator Dolores Gallagher on dgallagher@abiireland.ie or call 086-0102361.

Resources for Families and Carers

A Practical Toolkit for Carers

with Dr Eddie Murphy

Together with Dr Eddie Murphy, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has compiled a practical video toolkit for families and carers.

Referrals to our services

If you would like to find out more about referring your loved one to our services, you can download our Referral pack.

On With Life Guidebook for Families and Carers

Download our On With Life Guidebook, developed for those caring for a loved one living with an acquired brain injury. The book includes information about brain injury, tips about managing physical and emotional health and practical coping strategies.

Information about Acquired Brain Injury

A brain injury affects not only the person injured but the whole family. We’re here to provide more information about acquired brain injury, its signs and symptoms, and how to support your loved one.

Online Support Groups

We now have eight monthly Online Support Groups available for family and friends of those living with an acquired brain injury.

Family Experience of Brain Injury: Surviving, Coping, Adjusting

By Jo Clark-Wilson and Mark Holloway

Mark Holloway is a qualified independent brain injury case manager with more than 20 years’ experience working with individuals and families affected by acquired brain injury. He has worked together with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland to support members of the On With Life program.

Events and Opportunities for Families and Carers

Carers Week 2021

As part of Carers Week 2021 we are delighted to host a series of three free online events. All are welcome to join for sessions in mindfulness, yoga, or for our virtual coffee morning.

Chair Yoga

with Emer DuffyThese free, weekly online sessions are open to all family members and carers to attend.

Mindfulness for Carers

with Susan Barrett
Throughout the year we offer a four-week ‘Introduction to Mindfulness for Carers’ course, in collaboration with Susan Barrett.

Music Therapy

with Ciana McGarrigle

This programme involves using music and art, songwriting, song discussion and lyric analysis, body scanning, relaxation and the creation of personalised soundtracks to support families and carers.

Online Support Groups

We now have eight monthly Online Support Groups available for family and friends of those living with an acquired brain injury.

Legal Advisory Sessions

with Ann McGarry

We periodically host online advisory sessions to provide help and support to families and carers of those living with brain injury.

This project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund

Quotes from families and friends living with acquired brain injury in the family

“I no longer feel I’m left in the dark about brain injury thanks to support from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland”
“I need to learn the coping skills required to deal with the daily trials of supporting my husband”
“I’m not usually good at asking for help. Knowing where to turn makes it easier”
“Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has supported me and my family with practical information and strategies in a caring and thoughtful manner”
“I feel more like a nurse than a partner”
“Getting a better understanding of what a person goes through after acquiring a brain injury is important so I can show more understanding”

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