Niamh was a 19-year-old college student who was working towards becoming a teacher without a care in the world.

And then, without warning, her world started to fall apart.

One morning while doing the dishes, her leg started to jerk but she brushed it off, not thinking anything more of it.

But that same evening, it happened again, and Niamh had her first seizure.

Nobody knew how serious things were going to become for Niamh. Following a distressing time, uncontrollable seizures resulted in Niamh being put on life support.

As she became increasingly closer to death, doctors treated Niamh blindly for a rare condition where the blood attacks the brain and miraculously, began to improve.

Niamh went through months of rehab before returning home. Niamh was starting from scratch. She had lost all of the skills which had aided her academic success to date.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland employed alternative study methods to help Niamh and it worked!

Today, Niamh is the teacher she always dreamt of becoming.

Niamh was knocking on death’s door and today she is guiding the next generation.

Access to the right support can truly change a life. Niamh is living proof of that.

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