Employers Webinar: The Carer’s Contribution

Date 10 April 2024
Time 10am – 12.30pm
Location Online, Zoom
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Join us for an online Employer Information Session to raise awareness of the many benefits a Family Carer can bring to the workplace.

On 10 April, the On With Life Training and Employment Programme team will host a webinar to highlight the value of ‘The Carer’s Contribution’. This event, which takes place from 10am – 12.30pm, is free to attend but advance registration is required.

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Acquired Brain Injury Ireland’s On With Life Training & Employment Programme is a back-to-work course supporting and preparing Family Carers to return to paid employment.

The programme offers practical skills for returning to the workplace, as well as life coaching and mental health support.

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, we are invested in highlighting to employers the very valuable and transferable skills of Family Carers, including advocacy, empathy, resilience, multi-tasking and working with multi-disciplinary teams.

Employers attending the webinar will gain insights into the contribution Family Carers could make to their business. We will also share information about restrictions that this cohort may face when returning to work, such as maximum hours and earnings that are applicable when in receipt of Carers Benefits.

To learn more about the On With Life Training and Employment Programme, contact Sara Prodoni.

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The session will feature three expert speakers from organisations that support Carers on their journey back to paid employment, as well as a Family member that has experienced the On With Life Training & Employment Programme. Employers who have hired Family Carers will also share their experience.

Speaker Information

Guest Speakers on the day will include: Zoe Hughes (Care Alliance Ireland), Fiona O’ Neill (Count On Us Recruitment) and Vera Toal (You Can Do It).

By the end of the Information Session, employers will have a clearer understanding of the numerous transferable skills Family Carers have to offer their business, and what considerations may support this cohort as they return to the workplace.


It has changed my direction, supported me financially to engage in education and to develop my knowledge. It gave me clarity and hope for the future.

— On With Life Training & Employment Programme Participant