John had just finished his first year of secondary school when the accident happened. In an instant his life changed. He was out for a drive with his family one afternoon when he was in a car accident.

“Since my Brain Injury sometimes I feel so trapped, and it makes me so frustrated, it’s like being squashed in a vice grip.”

He re-joined school in third year, but his injuries made it impossible to keep up with his classmates.

John was isolated and alone. He left school early because he felt like he no longer fitted in. All through his life, John struggled to find that place where he does fit in.

But finally, John had a positive opportunity. With the support of Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, he was given the chance to move to an assisted residential service in Mountbolus.

The team at Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, began to work with John on a tailor-made rehabilitation plan, including looking at his goals for the future. He was no longer on his own. Now he was living and working in a partnership with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland and setting his own aspirations.

John has transitioned from Mountbolus to Acquired Brain Injury Ireland’s service in Lucan. He continues to work to achieve his life goals with the support of the team there. He has started to work on money management, planning and organising skills for independent living so that eventually, he can live in his own home.

“I feel I have moved on leaps and bounds here but as I have had so many negative experiences in life, I find it hard to see just how good I am doing”.

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